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David and Joyce Johnson Family Foundation Endowment

Year Founded

David and Joyce Johnson

Purpose of Fund
The purpose of the endowment is to give to various charities that will make a difference to needy people and families. The family plans to meet each year and as a family decide where to award grants from the endowment.

History of Fund
In June of 1973, David and Joyce Johnson moved from Indianapolis to a farm home in Cloverdale, Indiana with their six children. They left a 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home and settled into a 3-bedroom 1-bathroom country home with no regrets.

Thirty-six years later, the couple felt blessed with continued health and 13 grandchildren, and they decided material things were unnecessary. Instead of exchanging holiday and birthday gifts, the family tradition will be to give to the family’s endowment fund. The couple’s hope is that the family’s endowment grows and is carried on for future generations. 

The Johnson Family

Thanksgiving 11-26-2009

Back row, left to right

Jamie Bowman (son-in-law), Kayla Ehrie (granddaughter), Rob Haltom (son-in-law), Keith Johnson (son), Pam Bowman (daughter), Lori Johnson (daughter-in-law), Ja-Deen Johnson (daughter-in-law), Jerry Grimes (grandson), Dennis Johnson (son), Greg Johnson (son), David Johnson (son).

Middle row:

Angie Haltom (daughter), Chase Haltom (grandson), Conner Johnson on Chase’s lap (grandson), Dave Johnson (me), Joyce Johnson, Chelsie Haltom (granddaughter), Karen Johnson (daughter-in-law).

Front row:

Andrew Johnson (grandson), Bradley Johnson (grandson). Austin Johnson (grandson), Lea (exchange student from Germany), Emily Johnson (granddaughter), Tyler Johnson (grandson).

Photo inserts: (missing day of photo) Brandon Ehrie (grandson - left), Aaron Ehrie (grandson - right).

Grant / Payout History

First Grant Awarded

2013: $500.00

Most Recent Grant Award

2017: $759.02

Total Grant Awards:


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