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Cunningham Family Community Endowment

Therese Cunningham
Therese Cunningham

Year Founded

Therese Cunningham

Purpose of Fund
Therese Cunningham started this endowment to honor her parents and provide unrestricted financial support to the programs and purposes of the Putnam County Community Foundation.

History of Fund
The Cunningham Family Community Endowment was established by Therese Cunningham to honor her parents, John and Paula Cunningham. "We were raised with a strong sense of gratitude for all the blessings we have been given," said Ms. Cunningham. "They taught us that the more we give of ourselves, the more we receive in kind."

John and Paula reared their four daughters to give back to their communities, and they led by example. John and Paula volunteer at St. Joseph Hospital in Bloomington, Illinois. Patricia Cunningham works with several committees through her employer, St. John’s Hospital, in Springfield, Illinois. Therese Cunningham serves as a board member for many organizations in Putnam County, including both the Putnam County Community Foundation and the United Way of Putnam County. Mary (Cunningham) Luttrell contributes to her community through the YMCA of Charlotte in North Carolina. Lucy (Cunningham) Mardis donates resources to her local community in Bloomington, Illinois through many local charities. 

Now a new generation of Cunninghams is carrying on the tradition of giving back. John and Paula's four grandchildren, John Luttrell (Duke University), Maggie Luttrell (Rice University), Abbie Mardis (Elmhurst College) and Mary Mardis (Bloomington, IL Central Catholic High School) are all actively involved in community and charitable activities.

Grant/Payout History 

First Grant Awarded

2012: $406.79

Most Recent Grant Award

2017: $865.36

Total Grant Awards:


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