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Be Great Today! Suicide Prevention Fund

Stephanie Sharlow and Jimmy Kirkpatrick with PCCF Executive Director Elaine Peck.

Year Founded

Jimmy Kirkpatrick and Stephanie Sharlow

Purpose of Fund
The purpose of the Fund shall be to provide financial support for projects or programs preventing suicide in Putnam County. Preference is given to projects that train leaders to identify symptoms of suicide and to prevent suicide. Effort will be made to involve an approved student organization at DePauw University seeking to prevent suicide.

History of Fund
The Endowment was started by DePauw students Jimmy Kirkpatrick and Stephanie Sharlow. After the tragic suicide of their friend and fellow DePauw student, Marshall Mathew, in May 2011, Mr. Kirkpatrick and Ms. Sharlow felt the need to take action. “I see depression and suicide as being stigmatized,” Mr. Kirkpatrick said. “People are ashamed to talk about these types of feelings and this contributes to the problem.” Ms. Sharlow added, “Anyone, even those you would never guess, could be plagued by depression and suicidal thoughts. We want this Fund to do what Marshall did – encourage others and combat those feelings.”

The Endowment was named the “Be Great Today! Suicide Prevention Fund.” Marshall Mathew would often use the phrase “Be great today!” to inspire and uplift his friends. The Be Great Today 5K Race is a large contributor to the Fund. It is held every fall at DePauw University and was also founded by Mr. Kirkpatrick and Ms. Sharlow. Learn more about the race at www.begreattoday5k.org.

Grant / Payout History

Be Great Today Website

2013    $134.14

2014    $1,234.46

2015    $550.00
Total    $1,919.58

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