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100 Women Who Care Putnam County Endowment

Grant Check Presentation to Cloverdale's Band Program

Year Founded

PCCF Board of Directors

Purpose of Fund
To support the organization and award grants to Putnam County 501 (c)(3) public charities, units of government, and projects run by churches that are not limited by religious affiliation, provided that such programs are consistent with the exempt purposes and status of the Foundation. 100 Women Who Care Putnam County will make recommendations for distributions from the Endowment. If in the future, 100 Women Who Care Putnam County (or a successor organization) no longer exists, the Board of the Community Foundation shall serve as the advisor. 

For more information about joining click HERE.

History of Fund
100 Women Who Care Putnam County, is a group of women who share a common desire to give back to their community. The group is open to all women — the more women who become involved, the greater our impact will be! The group is part of a national movement and modeled after similar organizations located throughout the United States and Canada. Putnam County will be the third county in Indiana to form a group. 

100 Women Who Care Putnam County allows busy women to become involved in giving back to the local community in a big way. Women members meet four times a year for a one-hour meeting. At each meeting, members may nominate a charity by submitting her own name, a speaker’s name, and the name of a local 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, church, or a government entity she would like to have included in a drawing.  At the meeting, three members’ submissions are drawn, and each will be given five minutes to provide an explanation of the organization and its services.  Five minutes will also be provided for questions if needed. At the end of the presentations, members vote, ballots are counted, and a winner is announced. The women then make out their checks or pay $100 in cash to the selected charity. One hundred members means that four worthy local non-profits will each receive $10,000 during the year! 

For a total of $500 a year, female philanthropists can have a huge impact on our community. At the same time, 100 Women Who Care will be building an endowment that will provide permanent funding to benefit our community in the future! 

Past Recipients:


St. Andrew's Non-food Pantry

Putnam County Public Library: PALS

Greencastle Civic League

Imagination Library


Area 30

The Cloverdale Band

The Castle

Mental Health America of Putnam County


The Non-food Pantry

The Castle

Transformers/Special Olympics (split)

A Kinetic Change


Beyond Homeless

The Humane Society

The Summer Enrichment Program at Gobin United Methodist Church

The Putnam County Emergency Food Pantry

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